melbourne zoo, parkville

Whether it's your first time coming here or your millionth time, you'll never get bored of this amazing zoo. Attempting to get around the Zoo in one day is just not possible so plan ahead each time to make sure you get in the favourite animals, keeper talks and attractions.You can take all your own food and find plenty of prime spots to picnic around the zoo, why not lunch with the lions or perch for a snack in the bird enclosure? There are also plenty of places to buy food there too. There is even an indoor play space called Keeper Kids - perfect for chilly or hot days or just if you need to take a breather. The Melbourne Zoo is a fantastic place to visit it really has everything you need for a whole day of adventure and fun.  

Mamma's special mentions: Getting a Membership is well worth it - you can also use your Zoo Membership at the Werribee Open Range Zoo and at Healesville Sanctuary

the nitty gritty

9:00am to 5:00pm
every day of the year

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