hosier lane, melbourne

The colourful laneways of Melbourne are always a tourist destination and mamma loves getting some fresh snaps and checking out the new artwork here.. It is forever changing, always filled with fascinating pop culture pieces, often film crews, little coffee windows and plenty of people!

Hosier Lane is probably the most famous laneway and it has little offshoots and side alleys that are also good to explore for art and the like.

We have been here quite a few times and caught some fun things going on there, a dance troupe having a phone shoot, Will Anderson filming something and lots of new art being created. We have also come across rubbish, overflowing bins and some other not so pristine bits and bobs - this is a back laneway in a big city after all so don’t be surprised if it isn’t all rainbow dash and bright colours. The art can also be confronting so be prepared!

Mamma’s special mentions: by complete contrast almost you can visit Guildford Lane the green oasis plant filled laneway on the other side of the city.
Also Lune Croissanterie isn’t too far away for a bite to eat and Federation Square is the perfect spot to park (unless you catch the train of course!)

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