kit kat chocolatory, melbourne

Need a break? Maybe a Kit Kat? Something to treat the kids after a big day in the city?

Kit Kat Chocolatory has opened up in Melbourne Central and it’s got everyone talking (and tasting!) flavours. You get to create your own chocolate bar, that’s right folks, a Kit Kat created just the you like it. As soon as you arrive, you are greeted with friendly staff who guide you the whole way through your Kit Kat making journey. Choose dark or regular chocolate, add your flavour - mint, coconut, strawberry, chocolate fudge plus loads more and then it’s time to personalise. Thanks to the Kit Kat chefs you can watch your Kit Kat creation come to life. Next step - ENJOY!

Mamma’s special mention: Need a little quiet? It’s only a short walk to Guildford Lane. This little sanctuary might be exactly what you need.

the nitty gritty

Saturday - Wednesday
10am - 7pm
Thursday and Friday
10am - 9pm

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