rainbow toastie, melbourne

Pink and yellow, and green and blue… I can EAT a rainbow, EAT a rainbow too!

This is a colourful, full of happiness and delight public announcement! Rainbow toastie has opened in Melbourne and it’s got everybody excited! Even Mamma!

These toasties taste cheesy but they sure are something special. Originally a Korean street food, rainbow toasties are making their way around the world. The rainbow cheese is made on the premises, with each block taking three to four hours to make and consists of a secret selection of cheeses for that extra stringy effect. Each toastie is cooked, cut and made carefully for extra excitement!

It just doesn’t stop there. Rainbow Toastie has some pretty spectacular other delights to munch on. Check out the baked cheese, or maybe the strawberry raindrop cake. You might even like sky drink which is pretty impressive.

There is no seating at Rainbow Toastie. Perfect for a quick stop, a little fun or that perfect photo opportunity.

Mamma’s special mention: Head over to Guildford Lane and check out the homely plants and fab street art.

the nitty gritty

Monday - Sunday
10am - 5pm
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