pink the restaurant, melbourne

Get your camera’s ready, Mamma had spotted the hottest space in Melbourne and you won’t want your little ones or your Instagram account missing out. Pink, the restaurant has opened up in the heart of the CBD and it’s got everybody talking. There are pink walls, pink chairs, pink tables, pink flowers and pink toilets. There is even a pink menu full of pink options. This place is insane. With pink little wonders all over the space, you will find yourself wandering around taking selfies with fun backdrops and living your thirteen selfs pink dream. Pink, the restaurant is all about self love and confidence. You will walk out feeling full of love.
Full of healthy Italian cuisine and reasonably priced options, the menu has so many delicious choices. Maybe the ‘I think you’re cute’ pizza with Mamma’s favourite eggplant, or polenta chips drizzled with pink aioli? Yum! There are also pasta options like the ‘little hippy’, pumpkin and sage ravioli with pink burnt butter sauce. When Mamma said even the menu options were pink, she wasn’t lying! Pink! Pink! Pink!

‘It’s slice to meet you’

Mamma's special mention: Only a short walk down Swanstson street and you hit some Melbourne classics. Check out the NGV for the latest exhibitions, head over to the Royal Botanic Gardens and have a play at the children’s garden or maybe a litle craft at ArtPlay.

the nitty gritty 

Monday and Tuesday
12pm - 10pm
12pm- 11pm
Friday and Saturday
12pm - 12am
12pm - 10pm

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